EFR Inc. is the leading laundry equipment distributor for New York City, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

With EFR's success stories and awards, we demonstrate our commitment to customers, giving you the best laundry experience possible.

Experience is just one factor separating EFR from other coin laundry equipment distributors in New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. EFR President Rob Bodner has a proven track record of success having developed and operated stores in three different states. This unique perspective means EFR concentrates on developing strong businesses for its customers, not selling machines.

Letter from the President

Plenty of distributors can sell you equipment and maybe even assist you in opening a coin laundry. At EFR, however, our goal is to ensure your financial success in this business from the start. We do this by guiding you from the idea stage through to inception and beyond. That means first and foremost finding a location that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

EFR will help you find a site and perform the necessary demographics research to make sure the area not only can support a coin laundry, but that your investment will produce excellent ROI.

Our knowledge of construction and the municipal permitting process gives us an advantage over other commercial laundry equipment distributors serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area and eastern Pennsylvania. We’ll streamline the permits process to keep your project on-schedule. EFR will work with you to collect data and come up with a pro forma offering a snapshot of what you can expect from your coin laundry.

As an IPSO distributor, we not only have access to one of the largest coin laundry equipment product lines in the industry, we’re also your doorway to value-added in-house services such as industry-leading financing, service and support and much more.

EFR has the unique perspective of being a distributor as well as a laundry owner. We know what it takes to succeed and will work hard to ensure the success of all of our valued clients, from the initial idea, to opening and beyond. You’re never alone when you work with EFR.

I hope you’ll give us a chance to show you all the benefits of the coin laundry business and how working with us and IPSO can simplify start-up.

Rob Bodner
President of EFR Inc.